Did you know?!?

  • If you hire an unlicensed contractor or ARE an unlicensed contractor doing work in the state of Virginia, it is considered a Class l Misdemeanor and there is a $2500.00 fine and/or 12 months in jail
  • Most homeowners' insurance policies don't cover workers' compensation claims (you may get stuck for that painter's hospital bill who fell off his ladder in your hall)
  • Some contractors purchase insurance in order to get a job, only to cancel within days, thus leaving the consumer without coverage.
  • Most retailers and suppliers in a survey don't ask if the contractors to whom they sell their products have licenses or insurance. Their only concern is to sell products to whomever they can.
    50% of major retailers in a survey who do installed sales DO NOT have licensed and insured contractors doing this work.
  • At least 50% of companies who advertise that they have licenses and insurance DO NOT!
    60% of firms in a survey do not return phone calls! Ask your neighbors what their experience has been with getting contractors to return calls!
  • If a "contractor" does not have a contractor's license and business license, officially he is not a business. If you hire such a "contractor", as his employer, you could wind up paying all of his legal and tax liabilities that implies.


  • Check on your contractor's license
  • Ask for his insurance agent's name and number, and verify his insurance
  • Make sure he has no "day laborers" or convicted felons working for him.
  • Get references....and CHECK THEM OUT!
  • Do not give him any money until you have checked him out completely!